External marketing audit for emirates airlines

Now it stretched out to a family of over employees spread across region. Long-haul flights Dubai to New York. As per the censes the total population of UAE is 4. This report is about the marketing strategies of Emirates Airline. The immediate weather change and climate conditions influence the credibility of service.

Emirates Airlines Jobs in UAE

This can be done launching new subsidiary to cater budget airline market. In fact, Emirates Airline can expand under its fifth freedom rights in the United Kingdom, mainly linking the European cities with several destinations, which are currently under-served by the local airline services.

Major regions are not operated by Emirates Airlines and have to extend some of the destination world-wide especially attractive areas As always, the airline conducted road shows and press conferences to announce its entry into a new city.

The previous population had a high reliance on the preferences and advanced technology for convenience at the most affordable rate in the market Cederholm, This will enable the company to develop some small hubs outside Dubai as well as deploy modern aircraft ArabianBusiness.

Emirates is differentiated from other airline companies by being the legacy airline where advanced technology, ancillary services, and staff skills are the core drivers of the success.

Emirates Airline operates multiple fleets of Boeing and Airbus Aircraft and has been ranked as one of the rare Airlines to utilize all-wide-body airplanes. Compared toEtihad conceded more than 4. Emirate Airline was recently named one of the fastest growing airlines and of course, the 5th most profitable airline all over the world.

Air Arabia dominates exclusively to this low cost carrier service in UAE, Emirates Airlines must decide how to respond this threat posed to the large expatriate market in UAE.

BUS-310 Emirates Airline: Marketing Audit

We then identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. On the other hand, weaknesses typically refer to any disadvantages or limitations the Emirates Airline Company faces, especially in establishing or implementing particular strategies.

By linking networks, alliance will allow different companies to share their resources so as to build a wide base of customers, expand services and increase number of routes. In addition, Emirates Airlines is the international carrier of Dubai which is a politically stable area and has a strategic location especially for transit passengers.

Therefore, the power of the purchasers in this industry is powerful. Therefore Emirates with its unique qualities, untiring services and promising strategy will be able to improve in delivering the best efforts in a country like UAE having a mixture of different cultures hence keep their motto fly high.

Budget Airlines Success criteria would be capturing new customer base for the airline. Emirates adopts below marketing strategies to operate business efficiently. This will increase the need for better safety as well. This strategy involves the development of fresh competencies and requires business to expand customized services which can apply to current markets.

Therefore, any sudden fluctuation in the rates of currency exchange and also, the changes in the world macro-economic conditions may result to the overall revenue fluctuation Parasie, Emirates Airline is bound to follow the political factors.

New products and new markets could relate to current products and current markets or may possibly distant and discrete.

In fact, one of the most lucrative segment for travel is now the baby boomers, which has reached the top of the career ladders and of course, responsible for engaging in the regular business travels.

The airline heavily promotes Dubai as a destination, offering reduced hotel rates as well as insight into events like the Dubai Shopping Festival, hoping to attract more visitors to the city.

Emirates airlines market segment is divided into three major categories of customers 4. Emirates Airlines has unique and distinguished services including: ticketing, on-board services, punctuality, competitive prices, new destinations, and modern fleet amongst others. Introduction Emirates Airline is a well-known international airline subsidiary to the Emirates Group.

Related Documents: Marketing Plan for Emirates Airline Essay Classic Airlines Marketing Solution Essay Classic Airlines and Marketing Classic Airlines is the fifth largest airline in the world with more than 32, employees, and serves cities with over 2, flights daily. • Emirates Airline is considered one of the top leading and well-reputed airlines of the world, which are providing top class services to their passengers on the ground and in the air.

Marketing Audit Tools: External Environment

Conclusion Emirates Airline is well-known for its services and the passengers feel home while traveling in this airline. Pestle Analysis of Emirates Airlines.

The marketers use this marketing strategy to make the business aware of the current and upcoming external problems, which might have an impact on it.

Just like in any other business, Pestle analysis is vital in the airline business too; therefore this article will cover all those external factors for. (Regarding Emirates) Emirates Airlines is very fast growing airlines. Emirates have 5th number over the world in profitability.

SWOT Analysis of Emirates Airline

Emirates earned profit on March 31, is more than $3, since last 17 years and it’s growth ration more than 20% a year. Marketing Audit Tools: External Environment Dr Antony Michail Nov 14 As discussed in my previous article, a marketing audit is a review of the marketing resources, objectives, strategies, activities and efficiency.

External marketing audit for emirates airlines
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